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Blue Waters Development Group, LLC strives to provide a high quality, well planned, practical and cost effective business solutions for all real estate needs. As well as, increasing productivity and lowering operational costs. The company’s management is highly experienced and qualified, having accumulated over 85 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry.

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Blue Waters Development Group, LLC is dedicated to sustainable growth, innovation & building strong and healthy relationships.

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Real Estate Leasing

Looking for a unique property that meets your business needs without committing to purchase? 


We have lease options that are perfect for any kind of business.

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It is said that money is in the dirt. The saying is very true. 


Investing in real estate is the most secure way to ensure your money works for you.

Commercial Real Estate





Your business is unique, so why shouldn’t your building be? 


Our portfolio of commercial real estate properties provides a wide range of options for every type of business.


We understand how much you have at stake with your commercial real estate lease, purchase, or investment. Working with Blue Waters Development Group LLC we don’t just appreciate your business, we value it.


Contact us today for a consultation on your next lease, purchase, or investment property inquiry.